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| Unfiltered | March 8, 2018

(This happens every time my mom schedules my next orthodontist appointment. I’m using quotation marks to show examples.)

Receptionist: We’re available on “March 3” from “8-2.”

Mom: Are you available at “4?”

Receptionist: No, ma’am, only from “8-2” on “March 3.”

Mom: What about “March 4?”

Receptionist: There are no appointments available that day, but we do have from “7am-8am” on “March 5.” The rest of the week is full.

Mom: What about “March 7?”

Receptionist: I’m sorry, ma’am but the only available times that week are on “March 3” or “March 5.”

(This happens literally every month. Eventually, we get to a time everyone agrees on, but it’s still pretty annoying, especially now that I’ve started reading Not Always Right and am more sympathizing with various types of employees.)