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| Unfiltered | March 7, 2018

I work at a nursing home, delivering food to residents. Most of them know me and enjoy it when I stop to chat.

Me: Hello sir, how are you today?

Resident: * turns around and looks at me in shock* Don’t talk to me! I know you’re not real, (my name) died last night.

Me: I wanted to ask if you’d like a cup of coffee?

Resident: No! You died yesterday! You can’t make any coffee.

Me: Sir, I promise I’m not dead, and I can make whatever drink you’d like.

Resident: No I distinctly remember you dying in your bed last night. Why don’t you believe me?

Me: Oh sorry sir, I forgot that happened! Last night was so busy, but I remember now!

Resident: Thank you! You know its a shame you died… I really loved your cups of coffees… *walks off muttering about my death*

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