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(My name is Savannah named after the movie Savannah Smiles. My step-dad is working one day in a small town when he has this interaction with a customer.)

Step-Dad: I need to see your ID to complete your order.

Customer: *Hands over ID*

Step-Dad: *Looks at ID* My Step-Daughter has the same name.

Customer: Oh? Do you know where she got the name?

Step-Dad: The movie Savannah Smiles.

Customer: That’s me.

Step-Dad: Excuse me?

Customer: That movie. My Dad wrote it about me. I am Savannah. I was supposed to play the girl but by the time he finished writing it I was too old.

Step-Dad: Oh that’s really cool.

(Just then her phone rings and it’s her Dad. She puts him on speaker and my Step-Dad talks to him about how I was named after the movie. After work, my Step-Dad calls my Mom and tells her about the whole conversation. We had never really bothered to look up all that was in the movie, my Mom just loved the name and the movie. While my Step-Dad’s talking about the conversation he says that they are going to remake the movie. The movie was made in the 80’s and the Dad was well into his 70’s by the time the movie was made. So that would put him well into his 90’s by today’s date. It turns out one of his favorite things is finding out that kids are named after the movie.)

(It’s a few months later and we go to visit my Step-Dad and drop off some lunch. He’s with a customer and he quickly leaves the customer and comes up to us. He’s really excited and says that he’s helping Savannah from the movie. So we go up and chat with her. She’s a nice lady, and it’s obvious that my Mom is so excited to meet the daughter of the man who wrote the movie. So she asks for a picture. I am almost 5′ and she is almost 6′. So it’s a bit of a strange awkward picture, but my Mom is happy. We find out that her Dad comes up to visit and he would love to meet us. We’re still waiting on that, but I’m certain that my Mom’s going to be the most excited.)

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