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(I have a serious phobia of needles due to a traumatic incident when I was a child, and because of this I always need someone present with me to cope with the situation. I am due to have a very minor surgery on my arm, but I will need two needles during the operation. My boyfriend schedules off to go with me, but on the day of he is called into work. I can’t cancel or I would incur a large fee, so I decide to tough it out and go. When I am called into the room the nurse starts asking me questions, and I let her know that I have a phobia of needles. As soon as she leaves the room I enter hysterics. I end up calling a friend, and he calms me down by the time the doctor returns with the nurse. They keep my friend on speaker, the nurse holds my hand, and they all keep me laughing so much I don’t have time to cry. These are just some of my favorite moments from the hour-long procedure.)

Doctor: You’re telling me you’re getting birth control, but you’re afraid of a little prick?


Friend: You still alive over there?

Me: I sure hope so. Is everything going alright?

Doctor: Oh, you’ll know something’s wrong when you hear me walk out the door. I am NOT dealing with that paperwork today.


Me: *to nurse* Is it really bad?

Nurse: Don’t ask me, I’m not looking! Why do you think I need to hold your hand?!


Doctor: And we’re done! Just had to wiggle around a bit and it went right in! You should be used to that, that’s why you’re here after all!


Me: Thank you so much for being so nice to me. I know, as an adult, I should be able to handle this all by now. I know it’s not logical, I just work myself up and go into hysterics.

Doctor: And while you were in the room with me you didn’t cry once. Sometimes it’s not your fault that you’re scared. Sometimes it’s the fault of the people around you for not knowing how to make you feel safe.

(I can’t thank those three enough for not only making a terrible experience into a great memory, but for helping relieve some of the self-hatred I had due to my phobia. If I ever need a shot again, I know exactly where I want to go!)

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