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This story takes place on a field trip (i think 10th grade) to a mall back in 2007 or so. This was back when the idea of sleep number beds I think were getting ads like crazy but were equally expensive. So as a group we were exploring different stores and had to ask questions about sales and growth for economy and demand (if stores were willing to help)
Store Manager: So these are the popular sleep number beds I am sure you all heard of on tv lately. These things will make you and your partner have the best night of sleep at your own pleasure.

He then points to me

Store manager: Come here try the bed you look tired pretend your married man and need to just sleep.

So i laugh it off a bit and try to relax on a bed (even though 15 of my classmates are watching this and laughing a bit it was a bit awkward)

Store manager: So you can see how it feels and now to show you how you and your partner can have your own pleasures and peace we will give you your partner.

He then points to my best friend (who i have had a crush on for years but me and him would never work out hes straight and im gay)

SM: Get in bed pretend your married with him and start to cuddle so you can see.

Suffice to say me n him blushed and said nope no no no no nope no way and our class was laughing. While all this was going on i realized i still had about $250 saved up and wanted to buy my mom a new ring similar to what she had lost a month prior and knew it wasn’t much but it was a ring we got her years prior. So i walked over across the way to the jewelry store after telling my teacher. So while browsing the store looking around i see a ring that was $110 and wanted to look at it.

Me: Can I see this ring here?
Jewelry employee: Sure can here.
Me: It does look nice and can it be resized?
Jewelry employee: Yes we can do that, but its not a traditional ring you know?
Me: What do you mean?
Jewelry employee:Well it isn’t a wedding ring or engagement ring sir.
Me: Why would I need that this is for my mom.
Jewelry employee:Oh sir you dont need to worry I am very LGBT friendly.
Me: Uhhh This is still for my mom I want to buy it for her.
Jewelry employee: Sir i saw you and your boyfriend or husband shopping for beds over there don’t worry I am not judging you.
Me: Ok first off im 15 (but i did look over 20 with my beard and my friend equally looks older) and again this is for my mom.
Jewelry employee: Sir you dont need to be upset I respect your life style.
Me: Ok you know what I want to speak to a manager.
Jewelry employee: Ok sir…..

Less than two minutes later she is followed by a older man

Jewelry employee (manager): Well sir my Employee told me the store and congrats by the way.
Me: I just want to buy this ring for my mom….
Jewelry employee (manager): Ok sir but we promise to keep your secret safe with us. what shall we engrave this ring to your (kid you not he air quoted me) “Mom”
Me: You know what I think I may take my business else where.

Of course at this point my friend comes up while looking at the rings and arguing with the staff

Friend: Oh that ring looks so cool
Jewelry employee (manager) and employee: Awwww how sweet young love

I stormed out and haven’t bought anything from them and left my friend there confused to what happened until we were on our way back home.