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(I’m waiting to get an appointment at my local surgery for some blood tests and am behind a man with an obvious foreign accent. Note I’m not one to mix my words)

Man: i cant believe this! i have been waiting two weeks to get an apointment with *specialist* which you said you would prefer me to! The whole British NHS is bullshit!

Receptionist: I’m sorry but there are many people needing treatment

Man: I don’t care about other people! I want my referral today! crap NHS!

Me: Excuse me but can I just ask where you’re originally from?

Man: Uganda! Not that it’s your business

Me: Well may I suggest that if our healthcare is as shit as you say it is, you go back home and use Ugandan healthcare

Man: ……..

Me: Ok, now shut up, fuck off and wait patiently for your referall. there’s more people in this world besides yourself

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