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(I work at an independent bookstore that is unfortunately closing soon. Because of this my boss has cleaned out her office and placed a bin full of old buttons from different book promotions and whatnot on the front counter with a sign that says “Free”. People have been rifling through them all day and there’s probably about 8 or 9 left, a few being duplicates. I have a girl who looks like she’s about 12-14 years old come in with a couple other people. She comes up to the counter and sees the sign that says “Free.”)

Customer: “How many of these can I take?”

Me: “As many as you would like!” *thinking she’d take one or two, maybe four at most*

(She then uses both her hands to scoop all of them out of the bin and pins them all onto her shirt, even the duplicate ones. Then she looks at me, in all seriousness and says:)

Customer: “You’re gonna’ need to refill that.” *leaves the store*

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