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(Recently a very close friend of my father’s passed away in a tragic accident. This friend is a plumber and always helped my dad with our plumbing issues, because, as my dad said, he’s “a dumb-a**” when it comes to plumbing. This happens a month later. The friend lived on a farm, and my dad has been helping his wife out with the animals. We also have a dark sense of humor.)

Dad: “The f****** sheep got out again. We’re fixing the fence tomorrow.”

Me: “D*** it, again?”

Dad: *nods and looks up at the sky* “D*** it, [Friend], you had to die now? Not only do I need to find a new plumber, I gotta deal with a**-hole sheep!”

Me: *laughing* “Yeah, come on, Uncle [Friend]. Really inconvenient time for you to die.”

(Maybe a dark joke, but I know [Friend] was laughing up in Heaven.)

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