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I work for a marina that has a pool on-site. We allow pets in the marina but not on the pool deck. A couple comes to sit by the pool one day with their dog, who is not on a leash and is chasing every person that walks by and walking right up to the edge of the pool.

Me: Excuse me, he can’t be that close to the pool, it’s a health hazard.

Customer: He’s a service dog!

Me: That’s fine, but you have to at least leash him and keep him 10 feet from the pool.

Customer: But he’s a service dog! My wife needs him here!

Me: *getting annoyed* Sir, I’m not telling you you can’t have him just not so close to the edge of the pool.

They did finally leash the dog after my manager came out and told them the same thing I did. However, they came back the next day with the dog running freely on the pool deck.

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