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(For a few years now, several doctors have suspected that I have some form of an autoimmune disease, as I’ve had problems with excessive bleeding and joint pains most of my life. I’ve just been to a specialist, who, based on the limited information I had about my family’s medical history, concluded that the odds of me having a genetic disease are limited. I’m at my GP’s office, with a list from my mother. Note: My mother and I have the same GP, and I’ve been seeing her my whole life.)

GP: “I know you mother has [Condition #1], and you’re saying her sister has it as well?”
Me: “Yes, and another one of her sisters has [Condition #2]. Then I have a cousin with [move severe Condition #1], and another cousin with [more severe Condition #2]. My grandmother had [Condition #3], which her mother died of.”
GP: “Luckily, no one dies from [Condition #3] today. Is your grandmother still alive?”
Me: “No, but she died of old age and stubbornness.”
GP *chuckling* “Right. And this is all on your mother’s side?”
Me: “Yes.”
GP: *reading through the list again* “Well, I’ll send the information to [Specialist] and we’ll see if that’ll change her diagnosis. *somewhat jokingly* Let’s hope you get most of your genes from your father’s side.”
Me: “Really? Because Dad’s epileptic; his sister had breast cancer; they both have diabetes; and grandpa thinks he’s back in the 1950’s.”