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My mother is legally blind and has been going to the same retina specialist for 20 years. She can’t drive so my sister and I take turns driving her. We’ve both been to our fair share of appointments. This doctor is very popular and it’s well known that he’s usually booked solid everyday. Which means no one should expect a quick appointment, It usually takes about 4 hours and the staff often have to work overtime. Usually the first phase of each appointment involves dialating her eyes and running tests. She finishes this part of the appointment and we go back to the waiting room. My mom says the worker didn’t dialate her eyes and I don’t remember her doing it either. So I look at my moms eyes and they haven’t changed in size. I ask her if she’s sure and she goes on a rant about how she’s been doing this for 20 years and they do the same thing every time and she would know if her eyes were dialated. I’m not a confrontational person, but I know if her eyes aren’t dialated when the doctor sees her we’ll have to sit there and wait for her eyes to dialate which would hold up the other patients and staff. So I track down the worker that ran the tests and asks her to look at my moms eyes because we think she forgot to dialate them. She says she did and that my moms pupils were noticably bigger (They weren’t). I decide not to push the issue any further and decide that if she’s not going to take accountability now she’ll have to answer to the doctor later. We wait a while and they call my mom into the second exam room, there’s a different worker now and the first thing she does is check my moms eyes to make sure they’re dialated. They’re not at all. The doctor will be coming in soon, so this worker dialates my moms eyes on the sneak all the while watching the hallway for the doctor and pretending like the other worker dialated them and she just “didn’t give her enough drops”. “_”. She got them dialated in time for the doctor’s exam, but I’d bet good money the first worker started second guessing herself after I said something and sent her coworker in to cover for her.

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