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| Unfiltered | March 3, 2018

I am sitting in the reception area of my doctor’s office when a man comes in and goes up to the counter.
Man: “I want to see Dr. M.”
Receptionist: “Do you have an appointment?”
Man: “I don’t need one.”
Receptionist: “You can’t see the doctor without an appointment. What is this regarding?”
Man: “That’s none of your business! I want to see the doctor now!”
Receptionist: “I’m afraid the doctor is fully booked today. I can make an appointment for you tomorrow or Wednesday afternoon.”
Man: “You have no idea who you’re talking to! I want to see him NOW! Not tomorrow, not the next day, NOW!”
Receptionist: “Please take a seat.”

A few minutes later, I was called in for my appointment and fifteen minutes after that, I came out and the man was still there. I had to consult with the receptionist about a referral, but the man was at the counter yelling at her:

Man: “I have been waiting for half an hour! When the h— am I going to get to see the doctor?!”

The receptionist replied with a straight face: “When you make an appointment.”

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