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, | Unfiltered | March 1, 2018

My attractive female coworker and I worked in a store that primarily sold building supplies, and as such we had many regulars and overall goofy interactions. I am well known to the customers and am essentially the assistant manager. An older male customer approaches my coworker and begins to ask a question, but stops when he sees me next to her. He very cautiously picks his words, slowly to ensure he doesnt cause her offense: im going…to ask…him….not because…..youre….a girl…but because….i think….hed probably…..know…….uh…..have a better idea….okay?

My coworker and I look at each other, already grinning.

We agree, and he asks me his question. Luckily, it is common knowledge and i know my coworker knows the answer. I do the only thing i can;

“Sorry man, i have nooo idea! Let me ask my coworker!”

So i proceed to ask my coworker, who tells the man his information. The regular looks sheepish, but thanks us and leaves. My coworker and I shared a good laugh after he left.

The store has since closed down due to issues with the building owner, but my coworker and I are still great friends. I miss my regulars, though!