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About two weeks into working at Macy’s, I was put in the handbags department for the first time and things were going pretty well until this one middle aged lady came in.

Customer: “Yes, I’d like to return this purse and then buy it again because it will be cheaper”.

Me: “Do you have a receipt?”

Customer: “No”.

Me: “Do you have the tags for the purse?”

Customer: “No, but I used my macy’s card”.

Me: “I need the tags or the receipt otherwise I can only give you a return check in the mail or a gift card for store credit”.

Customer: *Raising voice* “I don’t want that, I want this purse!”

So I search the system for the type of purse she had in order to print out a replacement tag. I find it and print it but the system is still not finding it on her card.

Me: *After she insists she wants to buy the purse “Hold on, I’ll call a manager”

So the manager comes and searches her account history with his laptop. He finds that she has bought and returned the same purse NINE different times in the past year, trying to take advantage of our return policy.

Manager: “You know that what you are doing here could get you in trouble”.


She continued to talk with him for over an hour, nobody else came during that time and I was amazed how calm my manager was throughout the whole thing. She had first come at 5 and remained there until 6:30. After she finally left, my manager rolled his eyes and gave me Macy’s money for having to deal with her.

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