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I am working closing shift. Because our store is small, we don’t have maintenance to clean our bathrooms like the other stores in our chain. So a coworker and I share the duty. By this point I had only been there a few weeks. Well Friday of that week rolls around, and it’s my turn again. I clean the women’s room. All good and fine. Then Just before I start on the men’s restroom, a regular barges in saying he needs the restroom. Well, he is in there awhile, so I do my closing returns. I finally see him leave, and go to clean the men’s room. That’s when I see it, he has drawn smiley faces in his own waste all over the walls. I run and get my manager. He shakes his head. “Looks like the Friday Night Bandit has struck again.” According to him, the same guy had been doing that for the year we had been open.

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