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(I work as an assistant manager at one of those small Starbucks stands you see inside ‘Super’ Targets. I work 5/7 days a week and am pretty familiar with all of our regular customers. It is a busy Saturday and a slightly pudgy Woman reaches the front of our line.)
Customer: “Can I get a slice of Marble Pound Cake?”
(The Marble Pound cake is a seasonal pastry item at most Starbucks, but us being only a small stand inside a Grocery Store, we rarely ever received any season food items)
Me: “I’m sorry Ma’am, but we do not carry the Marble Pound Cake at this location, Can I interest you in something else?”
(The Customer huffs at me impatiently and stares at me up and down.)
Customer: “I have came to this location everyday for the past 2 weeks and tried to order the Marble Pound cake! You should have some in stock knowing I was coming!”
(It should be noted that this is my first time seeing this woman in our store.)
Me: “Again I am sorry about that Ma’am, If you really wish for a Marble Pound cake, I can assure you the Starbucks in the Mall has them!”
(She huffs again and storms off, making sure she lets all the customers in line behind her know about our obviously terrible customer service. She literally wanted us to order Marble Pound cake, which we can only order in a minimum box of 50 loafs, just so she can order a single loaf every other day, When there is another retail Starbucks location in the mall directly across the street.)

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