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I’m the customer in this story. My mom and I are out to dinner at a well-known bakery/ soup and sandwich place. They sell baked goods such as cookies, brownies and cinnamon rolls as well. One thing they have is called a cobblestone muffin which is basically apple cinnamon raisin pull apart bread in a large muffin shape. My mom is addicted to them and has ordered one with our food. Later when our food comes out, she lets the guy know she’s waiting for it as well. Apparently this guy wasn’t listening.

Worker: oh. They should’ve given it to you at the register. I can go grab it if you’d like.
Mom: that’d be great.
Worker: *he starts walking away and immediately backtracks* I’m sorry, what was it again?
Mom: cobblestone muffin.
Worker: cobble-… *he trails off as he walks away. Only to return about ten seconds later, peeking into the window like opening in the wall beside our table. He reaches in* May I see your receipt? I just want to make sure.

He takes it and walks away again. My mom and I start eating our food when he comes back, reaching through the opening again to set the receipt on the table. (Keep in mind the receipt says 1 cobblestone)

Worker: you’re going to have to come up to decide what kind of scone you want.
Mom: huh? No, no. Not a scone.
Worker: *he comes back around* I’m sorry. I’m not understanding what you’re asking for.
Mom: *somehow still patient, speaking clearly* a cobblestone muffin.
Worker: *he starts walking away again* a cobblescone…
Me: *banging my head on the table, frustrated but still laughing* oh, come on. It’s not like they have more than one item with ‘cobblestone’ in the name!

The whole ordeal was probably about ten minutes. Eventually he got it right but geez, even the trainee on his first day that took our order knew what they were!

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