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| Unfiltered | February 28, 2018

I get eye care from a superb ophthalmologist. I’ve never had any issues with him. Unfortunately, when I first saw him my insurance wouldn’t cover his dispensing (i.e., making glasses) for me, so I just took his Rx to an optician. (I was delayed for some months doing this, maybe 6 months.)
This was a local office of a chain of optometrists & opticians. They take my Rx, measure me for frames, and in a week or two I get my glasses.
So 6 months later or so, my ophthalmologist appointment rolls around. As I’m in the office, the clinician is taking a LONG time examining my current glasses. Finally she tells me — these glasses aren’t right — they don’t quite match your Rx. The error was not enough for me to detect myself, but she had no trouble detecting it. It was an error that should not have occurred and should have been caught before I’d been given the glasses. (Immediately after this, I see the ophthalmologist who examines my eyes and writes me a new Rx.)
Well, my insurance was still rather restrictive, so I go back to the same dispensary and complain about the faulty glasses. In short, the DO NOTHING to correct the matter. No replacement. No discount on the next pair. Nothing.
Fortunately, my insurance changed somewhat after that and I never had to go back to that dispensary.

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