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| Unfiltered | February 27, 2018

(When I was 11, me and my family went on holiday. Me and my younger brother were swimming in the hotel pool and I decided to go to the deep end. I hear a voice behind me)

Brother: It’s too deep!

(My brother had followed me into the deep end. He couldn’t swim yet. He jumps on top of me, pushing me underwater. I try to pull myself back up to the surface, only to be pushed down again. This continues for about half a minute, until a lady pulls us both out of the pool. My mum comes running up)

Mum: Oh, thank god! I would have never gotten to them on time!

Lady: It’s fine, you don’t need to thank me… Hold on, where are the lifeguards?!

(We all look to the side to see two lifeguards having a chat, completely oblivious to anything that had just happened. The hotel got a very angry complaint from my mum)

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