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Many years ago, as a Canadian visiting family in Alabama, I was at a mall, with my Aunt, but we had separated for a bit for some personal shopping time. I was in line to pay, in a KMart or something, behind a white haired white woman, who was behind a younger African-American woman.
I was kinda in my own world until I noticed how hunched the African-American woman’s shoulders were as she steadfastly kept her back to us as she unloaded her cart. Then I noticed what the white woman in front of me was saying. It was awhile ago, so I can’t tell you exactly what it was, but hoo boy it was racist.
I plunked my shopping basket down where I was standing and stormed around to that white woman’s face and went off. I didn’t say anything specially coherent, just a string of abuse, punctuated with demands for her to leave. She tried to respond but I grew to a level, screaming pitch.
Security came up to break it up, but I didn’t stop. A manager appeared, but I didn’t stop. I wouldn’t stop until the horrible woman dropped her basket and stormed out of the store.
Security: Ma’am, you have to leave.
Me: One sec.
I turned to the African-American woman who was standing there tears down her face.
Me: (To the cashier) How much will her stuff cost?
Cashier: *Silence*
Security: Ma’am! You have to leave.
I could see that the total was about $20 and about half her stuff had been input.
Me: (to the Cashier) What do you think? Like fifty bucks?
Cashier: *Still Silence*
Security: Ma’am!
I pulled a $50 out of my bag (as a tourist, I had quite a bit of cash on me) and put it on the last of her items on the counter. Turning to the African-American woman I said: “The whole world isn’t like her.” and allowed myself to be escorted from the store.
When I found my Aunt, she angrily reminded me that there was a real chance I could have been shot for that – Canadians don’t think of that – and she made us leave the mall.

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