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(The gym where I’m employed has a monthly fee and a smaller fee that’s automatically charged on the same day once a year. This fee is to help cover maintenance, new equipment, paint/tile upgrades, parking lot resurfacing, etc. I work at the front desk and as this is my first year this is my first time fielding questions regarding this charge. I had been dealing with dozens of phone calls and walk ins from angry members for the past week at this point, when a regular member comes in carrying a box of donuts)

Member: I saw you all charged me a fee on top of my regular monthly fee last week.

Me (preparing for the worst): Yes ma’am, if you still have a copy of your contract you’ll see…

Member: Oh I know, I read my contract after seeing the charge and found where it says you all need a yearly enhancement fee. I bet you’ve had to explain it to many angry people.

Me: You have NO idea!

Member: Well, I was almost one of them until I read my contract again. I can only imagine what you all up front have had to go through with this. I thought these donuts might brighten your day, as well as the rest of the front desk crew.

Me: Wow! Thank you so much!

Member: No worries. Don’t let the bad ones get you down!

(My faith in humanity and my club’s members was pretty much restored after that!)

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