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(I work night shift which tends to draw in the stranger customers, but during my shift we start serving breakfast as well as our normal items. Some customers think they can come and order breakfast 10-20 minutes before. This is one of those people.)
*in drive-thru, currently 10 minutes before we start serving breakfast*
Me: “Hello! What can I get for you today?”
Customer: “Can I get (breakfast item)?”
Me: “Sorry, sir we start serving breakfast in 10 minutes.”
Customer: “That’s okay I’ll wait.”
Me: “…we can’t place the order until breakfast starts, sir.”
(The customer then backs up and goes inside to order, thinking that will change anything.)
Customer: “Hey can I get (breakfast item)?”
Coworker: “Sorry we can’t serve breakfast yet.”
(It is now 5 minutes before we can place the order. The customer leaves the store. Then a few minutes later…)
Me: “Hello! What can I get for you today?”
Customer: “Can I get breakfast yet?!”
Me: “…yes sir what can I get you for?”
Customer: “I just went inside and they said I couldn’t get it yet!”
Me: “…”
(After he places his order he pulls up to the window)
Customer: “You guys need to figure it out!”
(Dozens of customers yell or berate us for this.)

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