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(We are hosting a bris (a Jewish ceremony when baby boys are circumcised on their eighth day). Our newest coworker is (thoroughly unbeknownst) standing directly in front of the ‘soon-to-be-snipped’ for a moment during the reception. Our rabbi walks into the courtyard and exclaims:)

Rabbi: “Where’s this baby?! Oh, I see him right here.” *points at my coworker*

Coworker: “What was that?! Shouldn’t he be with the baby?”

Me: “He’s just joking that you’re the youngest of all of us.”

Coworker: “Maybe he WAS actually talking about the baby. It was right behind me…”

Me: “Well, you are basically the baby of this particular group.”

Coworker: “Newest, but not youngest.”

Me: *shuts the h*** up and takes the unintentional complement*

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