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| Unfiltered | February 22, 2018

(My parents, niece, nephew and me are on our way to an amusement park. My Mom and me are sitting in the front, my niece, nephew and dad on the back row. To pass time we play ‘I spy with my little eye’
Note: I died my hair a dark, natural looking red for almost 10 years and my niece and nephew have never seen me with another color)

Dad: “I spy with my little eye, something brown”
Nephew: ” [My name]’s hair!”
Dad: “Yeah, that’s right!”
Me: *slowly turning around* “Seriously? My hair’s red, not brown.”
Dad and nephew: “No it’s brown.”
Me, my mom and niece: “It’s red.”
Dad: “No way!”
Me: *holding a strand into the light, so it shines red* “Are you still sure or should I show you the package of my hair dye?”

They still tried to argue about my hair color for a while. I guess you can say: women and men really see colors different.

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