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| Unfiltered | February 22, 2018

(We were the bad customers. English is Mom’s second language. She asks me brother what he wants for his birthday.)

Brother: *slowly* “Yu Gi Oh cards.”

Mom: “Okay.”

Brother: “Make sure you say it right.”

Mom: *practicing* “You…gee oh cards. You…gee oh.”

Brother: *to me* “Go with her inside.”

(We go. I turn to her.)

Me: “Mom, how do you say it again?”

Mom: “Yo oh cards.”

Me: “No, yu GI oh cards.”

Mom: “You..gi oh. Cards.”

Me: “Close enough.”

(We approach a sales associate. I let her speak with her.)

Mom: *sharply* “Excuse me, where is the Yo, You Go cards.”

Sales Associate: “The what??”

Me: “Ha ha ha!”

(The sales associate looks pretty pissed off at me laughing and mom insisting that Yo, You Go Cards exist! Sorry for making you mad!)

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