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, | Unfiltered | February 21, 2018

(So i’m The problem child in this story. I very occasionally lose my brain to mouth filter and interesting stuff happens, most of the time when I lose my filter i’m Around friends and family but this time…..)

Me: alright that will be ($total)

(Customer who is an elderly female first pulls out a large bill then says)

Customer: hold on I think I have exact change!

(She pulls out a couple of small bills and a LOT of singles, she even said as much)

Customer: you’d think with all these single’s i’d have enough!

Me: well hey, at least you’ll be set if you need to go to a strip club.

(The moment i’ve said it I want to scream in horror at what i’d said, not just because of who I had said it to but because one of my supervisors was standing four feet away!!! And the look he gave me was one of equal horror to my own. Thankfully….)

Customer: *laughing hysterically* oh lord that is the truth though!!!

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