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A customer is buying a huge amount of mix and match tableware from our houseware department. I happen to be nearby as the cashier is ringing him up and hear that the customer sounds upset with the cashier.

Me: Hi there. I’m the store manager, is there something I can do to help?
Customer: Yes! Little miss here wants me to get tackled by security.
Me: I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean.
Customer: She isn’t scanning each item! The alarm will go off and security will come after me!
Me: I see. Well, it looks like she is entering the SKUs in by quantity, and that’s fine. It will go much faster.
Customer: No it isn’t! You have to scan each item or the alarm goes off.
Me: Don’t worry. The barcode doesn’t affect the alarm, so you are fine.
Customer: I am not! You all want to see me tackled by security, huh?
Me: Pkay, cashier, why don’t you just ring each item through if it will make the customer feel more confident about his purchase today?

The cashier did, acanning quantities of 30-50 of each item while the customer grumbled about the wait.

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