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| Unfiltered | February 19, 2018

Almost Apoclyptic Appendix!

Early last year I woke up one day at 2am with crippling pain in my abdomen. So my parents rushed meto the local hospital but being a small town one they soon transfered me to the biggest one in the area when it was clear that A the meds weren’t working and B this was more then just menstral or panicing parents (I was 19 and I am living at home while I am doing universtiy).
When I got to the bigger hospital I was told I might have appendicitis and they were waiting on a specialist and the surgon to take a look at me. Fine but the pain meds… no matter how much they gave me actually worked really well and I was only allowed ice.
The specialist told me point blank that because my pain wasn’t text book perfect I didn’t have appendicitis but the surgon my parents and I convinced him to let me go get an ultrasound to confirm one way or the other.
I had to wait until the next day and I still was only allowed ice plus my IV for the next 10 hours just in cause I had to go in for surery. After the ultrasound I got told that they were worrying enough to do an exploritory surgory and they would take out my appendix if something was wrong. The specialist still wasn’t convinced even then.
It turns out if they had held off the surgery any longer my appendix would have burst and things would have been much, much worse.
I didn’t see the specialist again until I had to get him to let me leave the hospital after almost a week in recovery.