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This was a few years ago. My boyfriend and I were woken up by a phone call at 6 am from his 15 year old sister saying “something is wrong with dad, you need to get to the hospital.” We live 100 miles away so I told my boyfriend to go now and I would pack a few things and meet him up there. When I got up there I found out that they thought he had a stroke and weren’t sure he would ever wake up.

After running more tests they realized he had hydrocephalus, or water on the brain, which is a fairly rare disorder that typically happens to infants and people over 60, my boyfriend’s father was 47. It causes fluid to build up and put pressure on the brain. They released the pressure by removing parts of his skull. This is the next day when we went to the hospital. A nurse is in with him and my boyfriend’s mom comes out to talk to us.

Mom: “They think he’s going to be ok, but right now we either have to sit with him or they have to restrain him. Otherwise he might hurt himself, he can’t remember what is going on. Can you go sit with him for awhile? I need a break.”

We agree and go in.

Boyfriend: “Hi dad!”
Dad: “Hi….where am I?”
Boyfriend: “You’re in the hospital, you’re going to be fine. You just got sick and the doctors are going to help you.”
Dad: “well, that was might inconvenient of me.”
Boyfriend laughing: “just a touch.”

My boyfriend’s father’s head starts to dip and his eyes slide to the side and become unfocused. Then his head comes back up and he sees us and smiles.

Dad: “Hi guys! What are you doing here? Wait, where am I?”
Boyfriend trying not to cry: “Hi dad, you’re in the hospital, you’re going to be fine.”
Dad laughing: “well that was mighty inconvenient of me.” Then his head starts to dip. My boyfriend and I looked at each other, both of us trying not to cry.

Dad: “Hi guys! What are you doing here?”
I step over to his bed and take his hand.
Me: “Hi dad, you had a small accident you’re going to be fine.”

We stayed with him for a couple hours having the same conversation. I had seen short term memory loss on TV but though it was an exaggeration. It’s not. Thankfully he really was overall ok. He has some memory issues but not to bad.

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