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, | Unfiltered | February 19, 2018

My mom breaks her leg in a skiing incident and is brought to the hospital for surgery. After her surgery, they set her up with a morphine drip and a button that she can press if she needs more.

She is in a lot of pain and the morphine doesn’t seem to be working. My stepdad gets a nurse who comes in and says that the drip is fine, they just need to wait a bit for it to kick in. They keep waiting, and my mom is still in pain. My stepdad gets a second nurse, who says the same thing as the first one. It continues to worsen to the point where my mom is crying from pain and she knows something is wrong.

Finally, a third nurse comes in and has the sense to roll my mom over to check the drip. What do you know, the needle fell out, so the bed is soaked with the morphine that my mother was not receiving for her recently operated-on leg. Thankfully, the rest of the hospital stay was pleasant and my mom recovered well, but a decade later she still tells this story whenever the subject of her incident comes up.

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