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(I have developed a friendship with the lady at my local pet store, frequently chat with her about our respective pets, and ask her about anything I’m unsure of. At one point I am considering getting some birds, and want to know about their mating habits. With other pets I’ve had, you either want more females than males (so that the males do not harass the females too much) or more males than females (so that the males will have competition to put on their mating display), so I wanted to know the best ratio to get.)

Me: “I was wondering, with finches; do I want one of each, more male than female, or more female than male?”

Friend: “Well, what kind of finch?”

Me: *shrug*

Friend: “Well, with live bearers, you want more females than males, and with others, you want more males than females… it all depends on the type of fish.”

Me: “Oh, no, FINCH!”

Friend: “OH! No, those like to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I couldn’t figure out why you were asking that, like, ‘this dude knows his fish so well– why is he asking this question?'” *laughs*

Me: “Yeah, and I couldn’t figure out why you were talking about live-bearing BIRDS! I was thinking ‘wait, is that a thing?!?'” *we both laugh*

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