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(I work at a store that sells second-hand items. I work at a table with two other people sorting items with another coworker at another table 15 or so feet away. I just came back from my break, which I’d taken 20 minutes later than the rest of my team so they’d been working without me for 20 minutes)

Coworker #1: “[Coworker #2] just screamed like a girl!”

Coworker #2: “No I didn’t.”

(They explain to me how [Coworker #2] had opened a box only to have a mouse jump two feet straight up in the air in his face making him jump back five feet and scream as it ran toward [Coworker #1] and literally bounced off his stomach then dart away from both of them to disappear into the stuff on my side of the table. They both agree that this is how it happened except that [Coworker #2] insists that he didn’t scream but instead let out a “manly growl.”)

Coworker #3: *from the table 15 feet away* “That was not a manly growl, you squealed like a little girl.”

(We tease him about it a bit as we get back to work.)

Me: “I’m just sad I missed it.”

(Not 20 minutes later the mouse came out of hiding and scared him again and this time [Coworkers #1, #3, myself and two other coworkers [one from over 30 feet away, in a noisy production room] hear him scream but over six months later he insists it was a “manly growl”, even trying to convince the five witnesses he was maly when he screamed.)

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