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(I’m a customer at a mall fast food outlet. The man in front of me has just received his food, and stomped back up to the counter holding his receipt.)

Man: “Why was I charged for sales tax twice!?” *shoves receipt in cashier’s face*

Cashier: “You weren’t, it just comes up that way because—”

Man: *irate* “It has it twice! You’re ripping me off, that’s f****** bull-s***! Give me my f****** money back! Where’s your manager?”

Cashier: “He’s not here, but the receipt only says that because—”

Man: *tries to grab other employee* “You! Are you the manager!? This is f****** bulls-s***! You’re ripping me off!”

Employee: *steps back* “It’s because you’re charged both federal and provincial tax, it has nothing to do with us.”

Man: “Well, that’s f****** stupid! If you want my business you’ll take that tax off! It’s bull-s***!”

Employee: *calm* “I agree. The election is shouldn’t be too far away if you want to do something about it.”

Man: *speechless for a few moments* “Fine!” *as he’s storming off* “These people are a bunch of f****** con artists!”

Employee: *smiles and waves* “If you voted for [Party], it’s your own f****** fault!”

Cashier: *shocked laughter* “Um, how can I help you?”