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I am a 19-year-old female, working as a security officer at a large football stadium. The officer training me suggests I have a fake wedding ring on so guys will leave me alone during work as they have had problems in the past with temp workers harassing unmarried women. I don’t think much of it and just wear a cheap ring that passes for real. The ring seems to do it’s job and I don’t get bothered a lot. I’ve seen guys start walking over to me and then see the ring and just turn-around, so I get work done.

Fast-forward a few months and I have just finished patrolling the top floor during night shift when I get water on my hands from cleaning up a spill on the floor. As I’m in the elevator heading down, some night cleaners get in on the next floor down. I’m by the doors so I hit their floor number and take off my ring to dry my hands before the ring turns it green. One of the workers turns back to face the door and see me without the ring on and in a heartbeat just starts hitting on me with creepy and suggestive pickup lines.

It was beyond creepy for several reasons; he was old enough to be my father, I was only 19 and the youngest security officer, I was in the corner because of a the group with him being very close to me, and he saw me with the (fake) ring on before I took it off so he knew I was already (fake) married to someone. Thankfully some of the older night cleaners told him to knock it off and moved him away before their floor came up and told him he was going to be written up for bothering female workers again, he apparently has a problems doing this kind of thing and keeps using the race card to avoid getting fired.

I got down to the basement where the security base is and told my supervisor about this guy his only response was, ” Did you encourage him to talk to you or flirt with him?” He thought I was the one be problematic even after I told him I didn’t even know the guy, my supervisor was blaming me for the guy making suggestive comments to me and later on when I was leaving the shift told me not to flirt with coworkers again or be reprimanded.

I quit shortly after as well as other female workers, it is no surprise why that stadium has a hard time keeping workers.

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