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(I volunteer at a nature center. The staff is small and probably overworked but they don’t help things with their very poor communication. I receive a call asking if I can lead a night hike on a certain date. When the night arrived, I show up, check in and then the small talk begins.)

Me: “So how many do we have signed up for tonight?”

Employee: “We are expecting eight.”

(This surprises me as we generally divide hikers into groups of about six and we had three guides standing there ready to lead. One guide could have easily led eight people. Two would certainly be enough.)

Me: “Um, okay. Small groups then.”

Employee: “And we have five trainees tonight.”

(Again I’m surprised. We often have trainees follow or “shadow” seasoned guides but never more than one per guide.)

Me: “That will be a lot of shadows for each guide.”

Employee: “Oh, no. They aren’t shadowing. Tonight is their training hike.”

(She then sent the other two guides out with four hikers each and introduced me to the trainees. Yeah, I was to be the trainer.)

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