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I live in a residential area with lots of houses and lots of interconnected streets.

I’m waiting to get a package delivered from the company whose slogan used to be “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.” Not so much anymore.

At the time, mid-afternoon, when the package should be delivered, the online tracking suddenly says there was a “security issue,” and it won’t be delivered. Instantly suspicious, ’cause I’ve had trouble with this delivery company in the past, I automatically call their customer service.
The first customer service rep simply reads me the information off of the tracking. I tell her I want more information than that, and if she can’t help me, then pass me on to someone who can. After arguing with her about this for longer than it should have taken her to transfer a call, she finally does.
The next customer service rep, much more obliging, said she would get in touch with that delivery hub and get back to me. 15 minutes later, I get a call back from her, stating that they couldn’t get a hold of the driver, but would keep trying.

After hanging up with her, I get another call immediately from another customer service rep who had gotten in touch with the driver.
I explain to her that yes, the road my address is on is being repaved, but there are many other roads he could take to get around that. According to the driver, my house was “completely blocked,” couldn’t get to it, no way to deliver. I told her that was impossible, as we just got our mail delivered by our postal worker, who DRIVES. If he can get to my house, and the school buses can get around, then he can, as well.

They said they would do their best, and if nothing else, I would get my package the next day.

I’m still fuming at this driver, who sees one glitch on his route and gives up immediately instead of trying a bit harder, but thank the person and hang up.

Not 15 minutes later, that delivery driver is running up on our porch and leaving my package. I went out to get it, but he was in his truck already. SO wish I could have met him at the door.

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