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(I work at two competing fast food places. They both know about one another and don’t care. I work evenings at one, and overnights at the other. While I am at the evening job, I am approached by the manager.)

Manager: “I have a bone to pick with your boss at your other job…”

Me: “How so?”

Manager: “Well… yesterday morning, at around 6 am, one of my customers pointed out some weird dude standing by the drive thru menu. They said he kept writing stuff down. They were kinda creeped out by him. They thought he was copying their license plate numbers!”

Me: “What was he doing?”

Manager: “I went out and approached him to demand to know what he was doing. He said he was writing down our menu prices. I asked him why, and he said that the manager at Burger King told him to do it.”

(She apparently told him to leave or else she would call the cops. I did approach my coworkers at my other job that night, and one of them confirmed that it was true. I don’t think it happened again after that.)

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