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| Unfiltered | February 11, 2018

This is a shortened version of a story in which I am a bad customer, but the employee is not paying attention themselves.
I have been given vouchers for a popular movie rental service which can only be redeemed over their website. I am very upset about this requirement, as I detest their website, but I go online anyway. I find a recently made Mexican remake of a popular Bollywood film that my husband and I love, and we decide to rent it. We pull up the instructions for redeeming our vouchers, but no matter how many times we double check both the instructions and that we have put the codes in correctly, the website insists that all four of our vouchers are “invalid”.
I call up customer service to ask for help.
Rep: Do you usually use vouchers or reserve rentals online?
Me: No, I have never used a voucher before, because I hate your website. I always use [name brand kiosks] and my debit card, but this voucher can only be redeemed online. I can’t use it at the [name brand kiosk]
Rep: Can I pull up your account with the email address?
Me: Sure, it’s [email]
The rep cannot find the email, even after confirmation of what it is.
Rep: Can I try with your credit card number?
Me: I am not comfortable with that.
Rep: Can I pull it up with a phone number?
Me: It’s [number]
Rep: And what part of that number is the “area code”?
Me: The first three numbers, like with all phone numbers in the US. Where are you based?
Rep: The Phillipines.
Me: Even so, if you are working in a call center where you have to specifically fill in a box labelled “area code”, you need to know what an area code is.
Rep: I can’t find your account with the phone number either. Can I search by your credit card?
Me: I already told you that I’m uncomfortable with that. Can I just speak with your manager or someone in the US?
Rep: [mutters something I can’t understand]
Me: Please, can you just transfer me to a manager?
Rep: Okay, please hold.
This is after 15 minutes arguing with her, with her repeatedly asking the same question about whether I normally use vouchers and me answering that no, I usually avoid the website because it is so [increasingly irritated negative adjective], and that I always use [name brand kiosks] and my debit card.
After 5 minutes on hold, the manager picks up, and I explain the situation.
Manager: Can you read the paper to me?
Me: It says “[name brand kiosk] $20 eGift card, voucher never expires”
Manager: Oh. You will have to call [name brand kiosk company] themselves. This is [name brand streaming service].
Sure enough, I called the number for the wrong company! I have a tendency to mix the two up because they both are 2 syllables, end in the same letter, have the same number of letters, and they both offer DVD rentals.
But what amazes me most is not that I called the wrong number, but that I said the [name brand kiosk] name about 30 times over the course of that call, and she did not notice once-or say her own company’s name!