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In my third year at university I decided that I would get myself a part time job. I ended up employed as a cleaner at my uni from 5AM until 9AM. By chance I managed to appeal to the better nature of my boss and I ended up working based in roughly the same area of a very spread out campus as I had classes. Unfortunately I also had two classes that started at 9AM, but I had an agreement that I could leave 5 minutes early on the days I needed to get to class (which meant five minutes to get changed into my “civilian clothes” and rush up several flights of stairs.

As a general rule I had got my timings down to a fine art by the second semester, and I was getting used to dealing with students in the open 24 hour building I cleaned. They were usually pretty friendly and tried to make my life as easy as they could if I ever needed them to let me clean round them. But then I was moved to a different building populated by students in a very different subject area. My colleagues complained about the students there but, given I was actually one of them, I usually tried to throw in a good word in their defence.

One day I was running late, without a full five minutes to clock out and get to class. Luckily, the area I cleaned was directly joined to where I had classes, so I decided to pop my head in the door and ask my professor if it was okay to go and quickly clock out and that I’d be right back. Having collected my student supplies from my cleaner cupboard but still in my uniform, I hurried towards the room where my class was held and ended up just a little behind one of my classmates heading into the corridor.

She opened up the classroom door, and although she saw I was clearly headed in after her, as I was centimetres behind her, she made eye contact with me as she deliberately pulled the door shut in front of me. Naturally, I immediately opened it back up, spoke to my professor and set my bag down at my seat. Went and clocked out, came back to class as normal, still dressed in my uniform. Admittedly, our group presentation could have gone a bit better after all that!

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