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I’m a Pharmacy Tech at a retail store when this painful conversation goes down with a middle aged customer about his medication.

Me: “Good morning! How can I help you?”
Customer: “I’m here to pick up my meds.”
*gets his info and sees his medication isn’t in stock*
Me: “Oh I’m sorry, sir. It looks like the medication you’re looking for isn’t in stock right now. We ordered it for tomorrow and it should be here around 2pm.
Customer: “but I always pick it up here.”
Me: “yes… I see that. But it’s not in stock right now. It will be here tomorrow around 2.”
Customer: “ohhh.. I see. Okay then, I’ll be back tomorrow.”
Me: “thank you sir. Have a good day!”

*he starts to walk away and quickly turns back around and walks back to the counter*

Me: “is there something else you need?”
Customer: “I just don’t get why I pick it up here all the time and now you’re saying it’s not ready.”

I spent the next 10 minutes explaining it to him in various ways. He eventually left but I could tell when he walked away, he still didn’t understand. I was so simple to understand. It was so simple.

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