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[I go to the doctor about an infection in my toe so I can get that sorted before a procedure on it. This is a doctor I’ve seen before.]

Doctor: Okay, let me just look at your chart.. [A few moments pass] Alright, I’ll prescribe you [medication]

Me: (eternally suspicious) Does that have penicillin in it?

Doctor: Yes, why?

Me: I’m allergic to it.

Doctor: (after looking back at the chart he JUST read) Oh, that’s right you are.

[Apparently even when they read your chart they don’t get it. I know everyone complains they could just read instead of asking about allergies but at this rate I’d prefer to be asked. I have been to see this doctor a couple of times since and EVERY TIME I had to remind him after he looked at my chart that I’m allergic. He is no longer my doctor.]

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