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| Unfiltered | February 8, 2018

(I was born with a condition called syndactyly, which means that two or more fingers or toes are stuck together. My mother and her brother had this condition as well, but mine is the worse she’s seen. On my right hand, my middle and ring finger were stuck by bone and skin, and on both my feet the last toe has another digit stuck by bone. I was really proud of my hand. In seventh grade, it started to hurt. The doctors told me that there was another finger growing out of my connected digits, and the only way to fix it is to have separation surgery. I am devastated. After surgery, my hand feels like it’s on fire so naturally I’m crying. Instead of more pain meds or sympathy, this is the what happens.:)
Nurse: “Be quiet, it can’t hurt that bad!”*rolls eyes and shoves Sprite to my sister, motioning to me*
Parents and Sister:*stunned silence*
Me:*thinking* “So, my finger is cut in half, the meds have worn off and that’s the response I get.”
(It’s been two years and I still wish I said that.)

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