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| Unfiltered | February 8, 2018

I have a few different food allergies, none are life threating but they can still make me incredibly sick. One of the foods I am allergic to is carrot, it’s not that common I know, so whenever I go to a resturant that doesn’t have food I am familiar with I always ask about what I’m ordering and if it is possible to get it with any of the stuff that I am allergic to up front.
A few years ago I went with my family to a resturant. We hardly ever eat out so it was a nice treat. We all order something different making the fact that we have food allergies very clear to the person behind the counter. They said it was no problem for the carrot to not be put with my food. We paid and took our seats, talking happily.
The food comes in a reasonable amount of time and the staff are very polite but as I go to eat I notice something is off. The food, a prawn omlet, that I ordered isn’t flat on the plate. So wary I lift it up and underneath it is a massive pile of grated carrot!
I show this to my parents and basically I just share everyone elses food, that they offered to me, not feeling hungry after that and not wanting to cause a fuss, although we are the only people in the resutrant.
After we have finished and the server comes and takes our food we tell her what happened and she apologies not very convincingly and we just leave. It ruined our night.
We have not been back since.

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