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I had ordered some flavor syrups from a Wisconsin-based online retailer named after a famous painter. The phone call went smoothly with me providing all the necessary information I needed to place the order.
The order arrived in the mail a few days later and I noticed that one of the tamper-proof bands on one of the syrup bottles was broken as if it had been opened so, I called them back to see if they could do anything to remedy this.
Rep, “Thank you for calling [company] Gourmet. How can I help you today?”
Me, “I received my order and one of the seals on the peanut butter flavors has been broken. I was wondering if I could return it and order a replacement.”
Rep, “That sometimes happens in the warehouse. One of the workers must have accidentally dropped it or broken the seal unintentionally. If you want, we can send you a whole new order to make up for it.”
Me, “That’s not necessary. I just want to return this one and hopefully get it replaced.”
Rep, “No problem. We can send you another bottle of the peanut butter flavor. Feel free to either keep the one you have or dispose of it if you don’t feel comfortable using it.”
I gave them the necessary information and they said they’d send it free of charge.
When the shipment arrived, I noticed it was heavier than normal, so, I opened it to find three additional bottles of syrup and a few of the bottle tops that included a pump dispenser.
I called them back and they said I could keep the entire new order they sent me free of charge. Whoever you are, thank you. You’ve really gone over the top to make a customer happy with your brand and service.

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