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I’m a frequent blood donor. I have large, easy veins, don’t flinch or get queasy around blood or needles, and am known at the clinic, so I often get the least experienced workers. Sometimes the new, nervous ones aren’t the best, but I figure practice makes perfect, and their mistakes (like not being gentle or having a bad angle on the needle) don’t bother me. Usually. This girl, however, was a whole new level of incompetence.

Tech: Hi, I’m [name] and I’m going to be drawing your blood today. (She continues with the standard script and questions.) Have you donated blood with us before?

Me: A few dozen times, I’m here every 8 weeks on the dot. How long have you been at [clinic]?

Tech: Today is my first day!

Me: Well congratulations! I’ll make your job really easy then. I’m well hydrated and have nice, big veins for you.

The tech starts prepping the bag and needle, muttering the steps to herself. She somehow manages to poke herself with the needle.

Tech: Oh shoot, I need to go dispose of this and re-glove.

Me: No worries, I’m in no rush. Take your time.

The tech comes back, looking slightly pale and panicked. I try to smile at her, but she just seems to be getting progressively more flustered. She tries to stick my vein and misses.

Tech: Oh I’m so sorry. Can I try again?

Me: *smiling again* Of course, take a few deep breaths and try again.

The tech tries again. And again. Then she drops the needle and has to get another other. The whole time I’m trying to calm her down, as she seems to be upset with herself.

Me: Now, I know I’m not officially trained, but I’ve had lot of needles stuck in me. Slow down a bit. Breath deeply a few times. The vein is right there. You can do this.

Tech: *mutters quietly but rapidly under her breath while getting paler*

She tries to stick me 3 more times, somehow missing my vein every time. At this point her hands are shaking and she appears on the verge of tears.

Me: Hey, it’s okay. This is a tough job. Why don’t we call over one of the more experienced nurses?

Tech: No no no, I can do this. Really.

She proceeds to stick me 5 more times, at worse and worse angles. I’m slowly losing patience with her. She’s now trying to stick me with a needle that is practically perpendicular to my arm. She still hasn’t been able to actually hit my vein. At this point, what is usually a 20 minute deal has taken almost an hour.

Me: Okay. Get a nurse now. They can help you out.

Tech: No!

She then rather aggressively jams the needle into my arm, hitting a nerve and nowhere near a vein. I swear like a sailor and rip the needle out of my arm.

Me: Listen up, I have been beyond patient here. Get me a damn nurse. Now.

Tech: They’re all busy right now!

Me: Okay, fine. F— it.

I then insert the needle into my own vein in one go. The tech looks stunned.

Me: Hook up the collection bag and then get me a nurse and get the hell away from me.

Tech (in a shrill voice): You can’t do that! You can’t! You can’t!

The head nurse hears the commotion and comes over.

Nurse: What is going on over here? [My name] why are you still here? I checked you in an hour ago!

Me: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you [Nurse.]

The tech was never seen at that clinic again.

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