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There is a small medical clinic where I live. Usually, for the walk-in patients, you get at the door very early, wait until they open it, then head for the desk where you are assigned an appointment time for the day depending on the order of arrival (usually, people behave and do not jump forward). Rarely, but sometimes, the clinic isn’t full, and going in mid-morning, you might still get a spot.

It’s about 11, and I feel I might have a feminine infection. I stop by the clinic to see if there’s place.

[secretary] “I’m sorry. There’s a new phone system in place. Now you have to call-in in the morning and leave your name and phone number. Someone will call you back with the time of your appointment.”

[me] “Well, I’m right here. Can’t you just give me a time?”

[secretary] “No, you have to call.”

[me] “Okay, fine.”

I make two steps to the side, picks-up my cellphone, take the card she had given me with the phone number and starts dialing. The secretary looks at me.

[secretary] “What are you doing?”

[me] “calling for an appointment. You said I absolutely had to call.”

[secretary] “Ugh… okay, I’ll give you one.”

I believe she suddenly realized that I would have left my info on the answering machine, that she would have listen to it, then call me back with the time… all of that while I was standing in front of her…

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