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(I have recently changed my dentist. Im 30 and I have never had any cavities before, but I go to a consult since I notice something weird in two of my teeth, I suspect they are cavities but they don´t hurt or bother me at all, and I don´t know what they look like)
Dentist: You have four cavities! What a disaster!
Me: Well, its the first four in 30 years
Dentist: This looks so bad! We need Xrays!
Me: Id have come earlier but they didn´t hurt and look very small, so it took me a while to notice them
Dentist: Four cavities! this is insane! Are you bullimic?
Me: No
Dentist: You sure? It clearly looks like bullimia
Me: Im not bullimic, Im not alcohol abusive either, I barely ever throw up.
(The doctor doesn´t believe me, and sends me to do the Xrays. I come back to have the cavities fixed)
Dentist: Are you sure you don´t throw up? This much cavities is not normal!
(By then, I felt filthy. I don´t throw up and I wash my teeth, but the big deal she was making made it look like I was her worse case in years. She fixed my cavities, which were all very supperficial, and I went home pretty worried and thinking about buying a different mouthwash, toothbrush and toothpaste. My boyfriend is having some friends over and I tell them what happened)
Friend #1: Four in your life? I get four cavities removed every time I go to the dentist!
Boyfriend: You cant see them cause they are in the back of my mouth, but Ive had several big fixes.
(The following day, two of my four fixes fall out while washing my teeth. I go to have them re-fixed. The dentist keeps telling me to suck it up, still implying I have an eating dissorder. The remaining two fall within a month, but this time I go to a different professional. Im already expecting to get yelled at for my poor dental condition)
Dentist #2: Hi darling! You look good! Let´s fix these shall we?
(She is now my usual dentist)

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