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, | Unfiltered | February 5, 2018

So my names Lizabeth, which is commonly spelled with a “E” or “A” at the beginning, I however was blessed with a less common spelling. I run into this almost every time I fill out forms:

Me: “I filled out this form, yes, I spelled my name right.”

Form gets handed in, someone types up the contents, “corrects” my name by adding an “E”, then submits it into the system spelled Elizabeth.

Me: “excuse me, but you spelled my name wrong?”

Them: “Really? How do you spell it?… Oh, I thought that was a typo.”

I’ve had it changed on medical papers, Legal government forms, club sign ups and even one of my high school teachers tried changing it. I once had it changed after I showed the secretary my drivers license. For the most part, I’ve just let it go… but on legal documents it’s really annoying.

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