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(While I’m not at the top of the totem, because of the nature of my job, I am often in charge of the phones when both of my bosses are out of the building.
I answer the phone one day.)
Me: “(Business). This is (my first name, last initial).”
(The person on the other line laughs derisively.)
Client: “(My first name, last initial)?”
(It’s obvious that she’s making fun of me for going by this name. Because I can’t answer her by saying that the popularity of my first name forces me to use my last initial to differentiate between myself and the legion of (my name)s that I often work with, I trot out my customer service voice, which is oily and unfailingly polite, if a little terse.)
Me: “How can I help you, ma’am?”
Client: “Oh, um. This is (client). Do you pro-rate?”
Me: “I’m sorry, ma’am. The ladies who could answer that are not in the building. I’ll tell them you called.”
(Boss #2 returns a few minutes later.)
Boss #2: “Any calls while I was gone?”
Me: “Yeah, just one lady who made fun of me.”
Boss #2: “Did you hang up on her?”
Me: “No, I took a message like a good little employee.”
Boss #2: “Psshht, should have hung up on her. You don’t have to take that.”
(My bosses are awesome.)

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