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I am stocking the sausage section of my meat department. It is Thursday, December 23rd. A woman comes up and looks at a lone family package of sweet sausage. “Do you have one with a better date?” I look at the package – it’s dated December 29th, seven days away. So I say “It’s dated the 29th.” She said “Yes, but I want a better date, it’s too close.”
Me: “But today is the 23rd.”
Customer: “Yes, and this has been around a while.”
Me: “It came in on Monday. THere’s only six in a box.”
I look at the stock that just came in that day. Much of it is dated December 29th, and 31st.
Me: “Here you are, here’s more, dated January 1st.” I open the box for her…
Customer: “Nevermind, I don’t want to aggravate you.” and walks away.

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